Established in 1967 thanks to the experience and insight of its two founders, the company soon became renowned for the quality of its products and bold business strategies. LUBE was already an established and widely known brand just a few years later: in 1974 the company became known as “LUBE cucine componibili” and began a remarkable period of expansion, increasing both its production capacity and its involvement in technological research. In 1993 the company was restructured and the LUBE Group was formed. It continued to grow until it reached the prestigious position which it occupies today: one of the top three Italian kitchen producers and number one in terms of kitchens produced every year. 

The most advanced machinery and technology, distributed over more than 100,000 m2, enable us to achieve the highest quality standards that are certified by the most renowned international certificates. Moreover, a new showroom has now been added to our large production site: measuring more than 2,000 m², it houses a complete array of our creations, while qualified staff are waiting to assist you in choosing your kitchen. Come and feel the quality of a LUBE kitchen.  

For more than 45 years, the LUBE Group has been operating in accordance with some fundamental principles such as solidity, an eye for detail and respect for the customer and their needs. For LUBE, product quality, certified under ISO 9001, continuous technological research and design are cornerstone values. Another key value for LUBE hinges on our interest in social issues, to the extent that the Group collaborates with various humanitarian associations. Our deep sense of ethics also includes a love for sport and its role in personal growth; hence the LUBE Volley volleyball team always gets great results.  

We produce all our kitchens using clean energy. One of the largest photovoltaic power stations in Italy can be found on the roof of our plant. Its 27,000 m² of panels power production, which means our country’s valuable resources are preserved. Our relationship with the environment is a definitive one: we aim to cut CO2 emissions by 47 million tons over a period of 25 years.

Le aziende del gruppo

Tra le prime tre aziende italiane produttrici di cucine, prima come numero di cucine prodotte ogni anno. Una cucina Lube significa entrare in un mondo costruito attorno all’uomo, alle sue esigenze, e in armonia con l’ambiente che lo circonda.

A brand new, one container of emotions, a point of reference for unusual environments, kitchens and living areas, dedicated to a modern audience, attentive, open-mind, with the original products, sophisticated, customizable, united by the fil-rouge of the right quality and price.

Colourful, functional and safe bedrooms for your children to grow up in. Manufacture of bedrooms/children's bedrooms, wardrobe and storage systems.

The group’s crown jewel, this team is the embodiment of the greatest respect for humanity, the love of sport and the deep sense of ethics which permeates the World of LUBE.

For more than 30 years we have been producing doors for producers of kitchen, living room, bed room and bath room furniture. Our company is established but young in spirit. Twenty years ago, to give continuity to our care principles, quality and service, the generational change in the company gave a clear shift to continuous product innovation and increased process efficiency. This has greatly strengthened us in the national and international markets.

Transport company belonging to the LUBE Group: 40 vehicles with which to deliver our products all over the world.



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